Who is Elena Lenzi?

 In a world of greys and neautral hues, Elena, and her ‘colour intelligent’ designs, stand out with as much contrast as she did that first day stepping onto a male dominated shipyard in Italy as a blonde haired, blue eyed Italian female.  Her eclectic mix of French, Hungarian,Italian and Swedish heritage certainly threw anyone off the scent that she was born to be there.  


As a fourth generation Architect and a keen sailor, there was no place better suited for this timidly appearing young girl with the“spirit of a Tiger”, to use her own words.


21 years prior, Elena was born and raised in the heart of one of the world’s most revered fashion capitals on Europe’s most expensive and stylish street, Via Montenapoleone, in Milan. From a young age Elena learned to appreciate the abundance of exceptional visual design surrounding her in the exquisite architecture and finest examples of fashion and visual merchandising the world had to offer.  It wasn’t long until this inspirational metropolis nurtured Elena and her talent to her true calling, to design and create herself.


With a flair for creating beauty and a strong passion to share and express this, Elena made her mark very early in her design career within yacht design.  Amongst her accomplishments were the designs of the Conam 75 and Atlantis 55 luxury yacht, winning multiple international awards. Through esteemed recognition, Elena was asked to become an honoraryProfessor of Design at the European Institute of Design. During this role Elena discovered her love of teaching and supporting others in their creativity, teaching transferable skills alongside building confidence in their own unique design styles and talents.  Elena also held a position on the official INDEX judges panel commissioning the Compass D’oro Award, this is where she says her keen eye was honed and refined by being surrounded by such varied and celebrated design.  Elena has also been trained in the scientific vibrations of colour and the effect they can have on mood and atmosphere, this is something she uses to support her designs to create polisensuality and influence the mood of environments.  


When Elena moved to England, she soon realised the niche she could provide as a registered Architect and Interior Designer in one.  The work of world-famous architect, and creator of the Guggenheim Museum (although Elena’s favourite of all his work shall always be ‘Falling Water’), Frank Lloyd Wright has always been a great inspiration to Elena not only for his innovative design, but also in his approach to designing a whole space holistically.  His philosophy of creating a space from the outside in with all details to be considered as a whole resonated with Elena and set the example for how she works to this day. This is also achieved through collaboration on some projects, Elena enjoys working with other like minded Architects from an Interior Design angle, her ability to communicate on a structural level, working towards the overall aesthetic of the project allows her to bring extra efficiency and intelligent creativity to the table.


The only thing that Elena enjoys more that designing beautiful spaces is working with people, she not only has a talent for perception in design but in perceiving the requirements and wishes her client shave for their spaces. Getting to know her clients and watching them smile when she makes their vision a reality by bringing ideas never thought of is Elena’s greatest joy.  By simply walking into a space Elena can pull the potential it has to offer with the vision of the client bringing both into perfect synergy. This is why her clients named her ‘The Space Whisperer.’  

Elena has a vision of her own to one day set up an Academy to teach aspiring Architects and Designers to become ‘Space Whisperers’ in their own right hoping to leave a long lasting legacy and make the world a more colourful place.

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