The definition of an ornament is “a thing used to make something look more attractive but usually having no practical purpose.” We like to do things a little differently, with more consideration so to speak.  The ornaments of a room should not only enhance the beauty and interest, but also your experiences and moments within.  We call them “living” ornaments.  Even though we do sometimes choose things that bring beauty to your space making you smile because of that alone, we also champion those items that bring that little bit more. These are charming items that also add to your life and make you smile in other ways.  

Examples of such things can be found in a coffee table book with an attractive cover that you like to pick up and find new perspectives, an eye catching etched wooden box to hide chocolates in to steal a treat from every now and then, a pack of beautifully crafted affirmation cards or playing cards to pick up and lift your spirits or even some delicately etched crystal whiskey glasses and an ornate whisky bottle, to share a special moment after dinner.  

These items can also become the character of your home, as a child my great grandmother had the most amazing handmade nut cracker made within a smooth walnut bowl.  We would sit for hours cracking nuts at Christmas.  It was so fun to spin the wheel never knowing which turn would break the shell in two, or create a mini explosion, shattering the nut into pieces, almost like a game of Buckaroo. We would always pass it around and want to crack our own for the sheer satisfaction of it.  Although, as I matured, I began to appreciate it’s craftsmanship in an entirely different way; the smooth carved walnut bowl shone like glass and the ornate brass wheel truly was a piece of art as it sat on her sideboard all year round.  I’ve looked for one similar ever since to no avail, so it shall always be remembered like a painting, or a sculpture, I admired as a child, but better, it held memories and moments, mostly of my great grandmother laughing as we became frustrated from our overly aggressive turning, resulting in ground almonds.

One of our core values at The Space Whisperer is to “positively influence the lives of all who live within the spaces created, leaving a lasting impression” and what better way to do this by gifting future moments?  We take such pleasure in getting to know people and what would really enhance their lives, maybe a draughts board that reminds them of their own childhood, just more elegant perhaps.  Games can really add a playful yet sophisticated feel to a room when the right one is chosen, whether that be a rustic handmade carved wood or an extremely impressive marble masterpiece.  If you have ever walked the chess displays of Harrods you will know what I am referring to. I think I learnt to play chess simply to have a reason just to own one of these one day. 

When dressing a room, we choose the items based not only on the style and inspirations of our clients, but also on who they are and their individuality.  We believe when you walk into a home you should be able to feel who lives there.  

We also like to respect the past through ornaments to help tell your story, with hints to your roots.   Elena has an Olivetti typewriter from 1930that belonged to her late grandfather, who was also an architect.  Its authenticity is very pleasing to the eye and sits in her living room, originally placed in honour of him.  Although over time her daughter loves to sit and write, this heirloom has now become a memory for all of them, her tapping away at the keys to write her spy stories will become a fond reflection for them all in the years to come.  Sometimes we can’t possess the exact items from our ancestry, although finding similar items can still pay homage and also create further memories and attachments.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is leave no detail to chance, considering your ornaments in this way can truly transform a space and its presence in your life for many years to come, or in other words we encourage complimenting your style with plenty of substance.

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